Subject: Wet Weather Planting time - Kaipara Coast Plant Centre Newsletter 14th May 2009
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Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 20:41:32 +1200

Kaipara Coast Plant Centre & Sculpture Gardens Newsletter  - May 14th 2009



Global warming??? – the last couple of weeks have been very cold and wet, and there is more rain coming. It feels like the middle of July!


If you are wondering if you can plant anything in this weather, the answer is yes. I personally think it is a good time to get planting, as you can see exactly where the wet spots are.


Wet areas on your property, especially where water forms puddles or sits on the surface of the soil, are some of the hardest places to grow plants successfully.


When planting at this time of year I recommend the following:


1-    Always mix in compost to the soil to improve the drainage.

2-    Dig shallow drains where possible to remove excess water.

3-    Raise up the area around the plants to get their roots out of the worst of the wet soil.

Looking great at present:









This time of year is about the only time of year you can successfully plant small grade plants.


Natives: We are supplying 10 000’s of small natives for re-vegetation projects all around Rodney at present. If you have a planting project at present and don’t want to spend a fortune, contact us for a quote on supplying plants.


For smaller grades, we have a good range priced between $1.30 and $3.50 each, so these are a very economical way to plant large areas. We do have a selection available in the shop at present, however if you are wanting larger numbers let us know, as it can take a few hours to get larger orders processed.


Firewood trees: It is also the perfect time to plant Firewood and shelter trees such as Eucalyptus, Blackwoods and Cypress. It only takes 4-5 years to get these trees to a size suitable for cutting for firewood. We have good sized plants at just $3 each at present.


Fruit trees are the other thing to start planting at this time of year. We will have our complete range available in early July. Orders are coming in thick and fast for fruit trees, so if you would like pre-order, go to our website and check out our list of fruit trees.

If there is a variety you would like to have that isn’t on our list just let us know.

Ginkgo tree in the Sculpture Gardens May 2009


Cheap Natives:


Fruit trees:



‘TRADE PRICE’ SPECIAL OFFER May 14th to June 2nd


As a special offer to all customers who receive this newsletter, we are offering a bonus ‘Trade’ discount on all plants purchased over the next few weeks.


This is a really great deal. To get this offer you do need to mention to the Plant Centre staff that you read about this offer in this newsletter, or just print off this newsletter and bring it in.


You don’t have to be a landscaper or developer to get these prices!




May 14th to June 2nd





This is the best time of year to plant strawberries. We have fresh young plants available at 5 for $10. Ask us for a few handy hints on how to prepare the soil.





·                    In our vegetable garden at present I’ve just planted (& have mixed in lots of compost) - Broadbeans, Broccoli, Silver beet, Spinach, Lettuces, Celery, and Strawberries.

·                    We are also finishing tidying up our flowering plants, giving them a light prune to take off the flowers.

·                    We have trimmed back the plants we planted last year, to reduce the chance of them being blown over in the winter winds.

·                    I am digging a few shallow drains around some of the garden beds to stop some of the water running over the gardens.


Freshly planted Broadbeans:




We look forward to seeing you at the Plant Centre soon,


From David & the team at Kaipara Coast Plant Centre – the best Garden Centre in the North Island! 

Ph 09 420 5655.


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