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Nikau Hill Nursery Newsletter Jan28 2009

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Summer specials from Nikau Hill Nursery
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Our sale begins this week and goes until 15th Feb. We don’t often have a sale so make the most of it and order a box of plants. Three or more boxes get half price cartage. We are going to be open every day except Mondays until the sale ends on the 15th February. We do like nursery visitors. If you are going up or down the island please call in. Many of our trees and shrubs are too tall for boxes.

Look us up on www.nikauhill.co.nz or use the links below to our web site. Remember to click on show all at the page numbers to hurry everything up. Some of the pictures have been a bit tricky to get. Recently I was taking pictures of waterlilies and found myself fully clothed and very wet, upside down in the pond, with the camera briefly underwater. Have a cuppa ready while downloading. I certainly needed one that day! The pictures should make it worth the wait. We have divided the perennials into 3 smaller lists to make downloading faster.

Regards Doreen and Derek Higginson


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