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From: "Southern Woods"
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January/February 2009

Inside this issue:

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  • Nature Ninjas - see what they've achieved!
  • Hart's Creek - check it out...
  • Hot, dry weather - what to plant?
  • Plant your own riparian strip.


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Yes, here we are, yet another kilo heavier, but with relaxed postures and all revved up for another year of chaos... 

Our new crop is now coming through and looking great - perfect for those landscaping jobs you put on hold until 'after Christmas', 'after New Year', and generally just put on hold because you were possibly drinking wine and beer and egg-nog... 

Allan and the girls always have some interesting stock in the retail area, so be sure to call in if you're cruising past, and check it out - they are always keen to show their wares off! 

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                   OnLiNe specials

Thinking of putting some hedging in?  Here's some choices to get you started...

Escallonia 'Apple Blossom'

A hardy evergreen which responds extremely well to trimming.  Has pale-pink flowers which are scented.  Will grow to approximately 2m, and prefers a dry/moist site.

We currently have an 04 grade on sale, 25cm high- usually up to $5.95ea, NOW ONLY $1.50ea.

Escallonia 'Field's Scarlet'
A hardy evergreen which again responds well to trimming.  It has deep-pink scented flowers, and will grow to a height of approximately 4m on a dry/moist site.

We currently have an 04 grade on sale, 25cm high- usually up to $5.95ea, NOW ONLY $1.50ea.

And what about a ground cover for that awkward area...

Ceonothus roweanus
An attractive, hardy evergreen with masses of bright blue flowers in spring/summer.  This plant will form a dense mat and makes an ideal ground cover.  Will grow to an approximate height of 2m untrimmed, and prefers a dry/moist site.

We currently have an 04 grade at 25cm high available - usually up to $5.95ea, NOW ONLY $2.50ea!

                           Special prices are valid until February 28th, or while stocks last.

                       h a p p e n i n g ...

Ellerslie International Flower Show - 11-15th March, Hagley Park.

NZ Tree Crops Assn Conference -
27th to 29th March.  Tatum Park, Kapiti Coast.

Celebrating Selwyn
- Saturday 21 March to Sunday 5 April 2009.  Southern Woods will be offering a free native seedling to all children 10 years and under who visit the nursery, and full nursery tours by appointment.

South Island Agricultural Field Days - Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 March 2009 at Lincoln.  We have our own site booked, so if you get a chance, put it on your calendar and pay us a visit...

NZ Farm Forestry Assn 2009 Conference - Tuesday, 7 April to Saturday 11th April in Invercargill

       Just look at what our young 
                       students are achieving....

Ladbrooks, Southbridge and Ashburton Borough Schools were the well-deserving recipients of our first Native Planting Competition.  Held in conjunction with Te ara Kakariki, and with the very generous support of Selwyn District Council and Mitre10 Mega Hornby, a challenge was put out to all local primary schools to create a native
garden on their school grounds.  They had a full year to design and build the garden,  and were then judged, not on the design, but on the knowledge the students gained regarding the importance of native flora and fauna.  Ultimately, they 'sold' their garden to the judges.

Four schools entered the competition, with one unfortunately running out of time this year to complete their garden.  The remaining three groups were most impressive in their range of knowledge and enthusiasm, and the results were as follows:

1st Prize ($700)          Ladbrooks School
2nd Prize ($300)         Southbridge School
3rd Prize ($100 Southern Woods voucher & Garden Seat)  Ashburton Borough

Well done to everyone who took part, and to those parents and teachers who encouraged participation.  We will be running this competition again this year, so consider yourself challenged!
  Photo shows the Ladbrook's Nature Ninjas with Councilor Lyall and Robyne Hyndman from Southern Woods.

         Hart's Creek -
                        a work in progress...

I recently had the pleasure of taking a stroll along the Hart's Creek walkway to the bird-hide facility out past Coes Ford (South Canterbury).  This 40-minute return walk is well worth the effort to find, and while not suitable for wheelchairs, it's flat and easy-going, so great for the kids!  Lots of birds along the way, as well as on the lake, and really nice to see the native planting establishing along the waterway.  Species such as Cordyline australis (Cabbage Tree), Plagianthus regius (Ribbonwood), Hoheria angustifolia (Lacebark) and Phormium tenax (Flax) all doing extremely well.  We have featured a couple of these species in this newsletter, and encourage you to use them in a similar context if you have the opportunity!

I've been wanting to visit Hart's Creek for a while, but wasn't sure how to get there, so for those of you feeling the same way, here are directions:

From Springston:  Take Days Rd to Coes Ford.  At the ford, turn left into The Lake Rd.  Continue for about 14.5km to the intersection of Lower Lake Rd and Harts Rd.  Turn left into Lower Lake Rd, and then left again into Timberyard Rd.  Entrance to Harts Creek Walkway is immediately on your left over a small bridge into what looks like a farmyard.

From Leeston heading south, turn left off the Main Street into Leeston Lake Rd and follow it several kms to a T-junction.  Turn left into Harts Rd which runs into Lower Lake Rd.  Then left again into Timberyard Rd...

             What should I be doing
                                         THIS  month?

  • Liquid-feed all plants that are fruiting or flowering.
  • Stake plants now where needed, to protect from winds.
  • Mulch and water - pea-straw is great for moisture retention.
  • Weed control - remember that long grass is a fire hazard.
  • Move, remove or loosen tree ties from trunks as required.
  • Check your watering regime - water only in the cooler part of the day.

          It's going to be a
                         HOT, DRY

So what can I plant, you ask?  Well, we've got just the ticket....  The following plants will give you the look of the Mediterranean - just close your eyes and I swear you'll be able to smell the grapes...

Laurus nobilis (Bay Tree)

A great plant to tolerate hot and dry conditions.  Its' aromatic foliage can be used as an edible herb, and it has lovely fragrant flowers in spring.  This plant is great as a hedge, or alternatively can be used for topiary.  Good for coastal sites too!  Will grow to a maximum height of 8m.

We currently have an 05 grade (45cm+), which is nice and bushy.  Priced at $9.75ea or $8.75 for 10 or more, why not plant a few in your garden?

Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese Laurel)

This plant is perfect for hedging and screening, but can also be planted as a broadly-spreading evergreen tree.  It has glossy dark-green leaves and small white flowers on red twigs, followed by brilliant red berries.  It is cold and drought tolerant, but do be mindful that the berries are poisonous to animals.  Avoid giving this plant wet feet!  It will grow to a maximum height of approximately 12m untrimmed.

We currently have some standards available on a 70cm stem with the heads just starting to thicken - total height of 1.2m.  Priced at $49.95ea.  Also available in an 05 grade (35cm+) for $9.75ea or $8.75 for 10 or more, or an 08 grade (1m high) for $27.50ea or $24.75 for 10 or more - please note that the larger grade is a little bare on the bottom of the stem.

        Planting your own
                           r i p a r i a n

Does your section include a creek or stream?  Have you always wondered what to plant?  It is well worth the effort to fence this area off and begin regenerating natives - just watch the bird and insect life flock back in!  Begin with the following:

Cordyline australis (Cabbage Tree)

A great tree for native revegetation, it also makes a great contrast plant.  Plant in groups for best effect.  Grows just about anywhere, and will attract birds with fruit/seed from January to April.  Also produces nectar in November.  Grows to approx 10m high.

We currently have in the nursery the following grades;

02 (25cm)  $3.50ea, $2.50 for 10-99 or $2.10 for 100+

04 (35cm)  $5.75ea, $4.75 for 10-99 or $4.25 for 100+

05 (70cm)  $9.75ea, $8.75 for 10-99 or $7.75 for 100+

Hoheria angustifolia (Lacebark)

This is a small evergreen tree, perfect for stream-side planting.  It has small, narrow, toothed leaves and small white flowers in summer.  The juvenile form is columnar and tangled.  It prefers a dry/moist site, and will grow to approximately 6m.  Also great at a primary shelter tree.

We currently have an 06 (1.6m) grade available for $13.50ea or $11.95 for 10 or more.