Subject: Roll on Spring...
From: "Southern Woods"
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 10:00:01 +1200

July/August 2009

Inside this issue:

  • What's Happening - watch out for these events near you!
  • Thinking of planting natives - check out the funding opportunities...
  • Hard or soft landscaping - you decide...
  • Need something to brighten up your garden - check these suggestions out...
  • Vineyards and natives - a match made in heaven?


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Our Open Ground (bare-root) stock is now arriving into the nursery left right and centre - if you've pre-ordered, you can expect a phone call soon once your entire order has arrived.  Remember to plant pines, poplars and willows deep.  Both poplars and willows also benefit heavily from a good topping (up to a third) - this aids in a fast, successful establishment of the plant.

Don't forget, we have CUSTOM MADE PACKS for your convenience - orchard, firewood, native, landscaping and specimen.  Tell us what your site conditions are, and we can tailor-make a pack for you - what could be easier!  Enquire on-line ( or phone the nursery (0800 800 352) for further details.

Did you know that some people think it's a myth to encourage native birds to visit gardens and feed on exotic plants, but the birds don't mind a bit!  Eucalyptus is a very fast grower (great if your looking at the carbon credit option), and provides great food for birds - order yours now for spring planting! 

We're very excited to say that we've recently enjoyed bellbirds arriving in our nursery for the first time in years, and have heard from David at Broadfields Garden that he too has bellbirds.  This is SO encouraging - plenty of native plantings are beginning to provide enough food to entice them back into the area, so keep up the good work, and plant a native!  We have brochures in the nursery on what to plant, and are currently putting together an information sheet which we will link from our website - watch this space!

Don't forget our pruning demonstration - Saturday, 18th July at 1.30pm.

                   OnLiNe specials

We currently have no specials to offer - all of our stock is selling so quickly, that we can barely keep up!  Check out our everyday low prices, and the reduced rates for bulk prices as listed on our website and in our catalogue... Watch this space in your next newsletter!

                       h a p p e n i n g ...

Pruning Demonstration - Mainly flowering cherries, but may include some other species.  To be held at Southern Woods Nursery on Saturday, 18th July at 1.30pm sharp.

Truffle Association Conference -
July 18th & 19th At the Holiday Inn Central, Christchurch

Tree Crops Harvest Festival - Sunday, 26th July at West Melton Community Centre.  Noon til 3pm.  Free entry.  The public are encouraged to attend this festival which will feature tree crops produce for sale, a tree silent auction, tree crops information and  displays.  Come and grab some fresh nuts, fruit preserves, fruit wines, culinary oils, jams and other produce.  At the same time, find out how value can be added to your small block or home garden by using Tree Crops in Canterbury.  A range of tree crops including hazelnuts, plums, almonds, walnuts, apples, woodlot and fodder trees will be on display. 

Canterbury Restoration Day - 19-20th September.  Displays, talks, presentations, hangi plus field trips around Canterbury.

            Planting natives? 
You may be entitled to some financial 

Are you aware that there are significant funds available for restoration and protection of native areas in your region?  Below are a few helpful links for the Canterbury region, but if you are looking at planting a native area either on private or public land, be sure to enquire further!

Nature Heritage Fund

Biodiversity Condition Fund

Environment Enhancement Fund

Honda Tree Fund 

Christchurch City Council Funding

Selwyn District Council
or on the Fund View, Breakout and databases. Free access to these databases is available at all Selwyn District Council libraries (either at the library or remotely via the internet for library members with a card and PIN number).

     It's getting  H O T  in here...
Too much paving & not enough green?

The modern trend these days is to create outdoor rooms that have far more concrete, paving and rock than in the past.  Were you aware that hard surfaces can not only make your surrounds hotter, but they are worse for the environment and for your health.  There is now evidence that being surrounded by plants and turf is good for you.  Turf and mass planted areas are often 20 degrees Celsius cooler than hard surfaces!  Green life surrounding your house can result in a cooler house and less air-conditioning.

To have a true environmental landscape, you need lots of plants and turf.  Plants and turf lock up carbon and produce oxygen, as opposed to concrete, which takes huge amounts of carbon to produce and once installed it is not only hot in summer, it repels rain and sends it and pollution down our storm water system.  Plants and turf send water into the aquifer, cleansing it on the way.  Greenery not only quietens down the surrounds of your house, but has been proven to make you feel better and increase the sale price of a home. 

Some other benefits of greenery is noise absorbtion, providing a natural breeding ground for certain animals and insects that are critical for maintaining a balanced ecosystem, plus being close to turf improves the quality of life - wouldn't you rather picnic on grass than on concrete?  What better reason to plant lawn and garden?

             What should I be doing
                                         THIS  month?

  • Prepare for spring planting by spraying if weeds are still active, and ripping if the soil is not too wet.
  • Complete form-pruning of pip-fruit and ornamentals to shape them.
  • Plant all bare-rooted species.  Order your stock and collect NOW to avoid missing out!
  • All conifer, forestry, deciduous and shelter-belt species should be planted NOW.  See our great range!
  • Avoid planting eucalyptus and native species until spring to minimise frost damage.
  • Treat seedlings with rabbit and hare repellent - this is their favourite time of year to eat your plants, when there is little grass around.  Ask about our popular LIQUID SHOTGUN rabbit and hare repellent.

          Something to cheer you up
                        this winter....

What can you plant to brighten up a corner?

Sophora 'Dragons Gold' (Kowhai)

A low-growing native kowhai.  It has prolific deep-yellow flowers almost hidden in the foliage in winter, flowering earlier than S. microphylla or S. tetraptera.  Great border planting for textural contrast and flowers.  Attracts birds and is reasonably fast-growing.  Will grow to approximately 2m high, with the same spread.  Can also be trained into a pillar for something different!  These plants prefer a dry/moist site.

We currently have an 05 grade (25cm+), which is nice and bushy.  Priced at $13.95ea or $12.50 for 10 or more, why not plant a few in your garden?

Grevillea varieties

We have a huge variety of forms at the nursery - both ground-covers and bushy.  Many cope in frosty areas, and all will tolerate strong winds and drought.  Quick to grow and most will commence flowering straight away.  Nectar provides winter food for birds such as bellbird, tui and waxeyes.

We have a variety of Grevillea available priced from $14.95 to $19.95ea.  Be in quick!

 Native trees near vineyards could 
             reduce   B  I  R  D   damage...

An article in the Southern View paper recently has prompted some interesting pointers on the planting of natives on vineyards - here is an overview:

With an increase in planting of vineyards throughout Canterbury, the problem of grape damage by birds has become a huge problem.

Two surveys were conducted in native tree remnants in the South Island grape growing regions - one in Marlborough and the other in Waipara.  The two surveys both showed there was a much greater biodiversity of non-grape eating predominantly exotic birds, but also some native birds, in the native trees than in nearby vineyards.  There was also considerably less bird biodiversity in vineyards and the majority of the birds there were grape-eating pest birds.  Neither survey found grape-damaging starlings in native trees.  Starlings can be particularly devastating because they fly in flocks and eat so much per bird.

Overall, these surveys showed that native trees host only minimal populations of grape-damaging bird species but do host a very large diversity of other birds species, aside from starlings.  This may improve the situation of bird damage by increasing the numbers of different species of birds, and through natural competition, reduce the population of pest birds.  Some food for thought if you're a vineyard manager?

Incidentally, have you thought of planting some Coprosma robusta (Karamu) in your garden to attract the birds?  It can fruit from January to July, providing great winter food for our wee native treasures.  Suitable as a fast-growing shelter, hedging or nurse plant, it competes very well with gorse, and is shade tolerant.  Suitable to moist soil types, it will grow to approximately 5m high, with a spread of 4m.

We currently have an 02 (20cm high) and 04 (35cm high) grade of this plant available from $3.75ea or $5.95ea -  enquire for more details of bulk rates, or check out our website.