Subject: New title on olives
From: Touchwood Books
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 09:58:13 +1200

Olives - Crop Production Science in Horticulture No 18
Ioannis Therios
Paperback, 416 pages, 155 x 230mm, UK, 2008.   $165

Olive culture is growing rapidly, and expanding all over the world outside traditional centres of olive growth and production. Olives are not only a significant food source, but also contribute to human health and are becoming popular in health-conscious diets far beyond their Mediterranean origins.

Reviewing an extensive array of literature from both a theoretical and practical perspective, this comprehensive guide deals with all aspects of olive culture, from its history, origins and traditional techniques to the latest horticultural procedures and basic physiology.

The book is accessible and its broadly illustrated format makes it an indispensable text for students, interested individuals and both active and amateur horticulturists

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