Subject: New titles on vegetables
From: Touchwood Books
Date: Thu, 07 May 2009 09:58:38 +1200

1   Discovering Vegetables, Herbs and Spices - A Comprehensive Guide to the Cultivation, Uses and Health Benefits of Over 200 Food- producing Plants
Susanna Lyle
Hardback, 480 pages, 220 x 290mm, NZ, 2009.   $90

>From the cover -

Providing inspiration for people to grow and try new foods, this informative, comprehensive guide to vegetable, herb and spice plants explores old favourites and many little-known yet exciting food-producing plants.  

As well as the A to Z guide to over 200 species, and lists of the most popular cultivars, a general introduction gives a basic background to various aspects of horticulture and plant nutrition. A table of plants for different garden situations at the back of the book is a useful ready-reference.

The book contains the history and a description of each species, a guide to propagation, harvesting times and methods, cultivation and location needs, pruning, and uses of the crop, with emphasis on nutritional benefits.

This thorough and extensively researched book is a vital reference containing everything a gardener needs to know, and much that a commercial producer would find valuable, in terms of choice of varieties and marketing of the harvest.

2   The Untold History of the Potato
John Reader
Paperback, 315 pages, 130 x 200mm, UK, 2009. $30

>From the cover -

>From the gold potatoes at the Sun Temple in Cuzco, Peru, the muddy ones in Ireland and those grown in China for McDonald's chips today, via Mrs Beeton, Charles Darwin, Lenin and Chairman Mao, to the mapping of the potato genome, the story of the spud is both satisfying and fascinating.

John Reader follows the thread of the potato's story through the tapestry of human history, from its origins and evolution to its mysterious arrival in Europe, where it became a crucial part of the gastronomic and social fabric. As global population swells and environmental stability becomes ever more crucial, Reader asks what role the potato still has to play - in this lively, readable study of our most humble foodstuff.

3   Back Yard - A Gardening Life
John Griffin
Paperback, 215 pages, 135 x 210mm, Australia, 1997.   $28

>From the cover -

The stories, essays and poems in “Back Yard” recall 25 years in a productive suburban garden.

In this time, as his family grew, John Griffin learnt 19 things about carrots, interfered with the sex lives of marrows, coped with possums in the roof and millipedes everywhere, wrote poems about cats and vegetables, picked over a tonne of tomatoes, and discovered the secrets of Italian lettuce.

The Italian connection is Giovanni - the skilful, versatile, generous and very independent grandfather - who lived and worked with the family for all those years.

“Back Yard” records the contentment of a rich life filled with fruit and veg.

4   200 Veg-growing Basics
Hamlyn All Colour Gardening
Richard Bird
Paperback, 240 pages, 140 x 170mm, UK, 2009.   $17

>From the cover -

5   Get Growing - A New Zealand Step-by-step Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables and Fruit    [For children]
Helen Cook
Paperback, 64 pages, 210 x 230mm, NZ, 2009.   $30

>From the cover -

“Get Growing - A New Zealand Step-by-step Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables and Fruit” gives people of all ages the gardening basics, as well as fun projects and activities to spark the imagination and cultivate green thumbs.

This book is packed with information and ideas for making edible gardening a worthwhile activity that all members of the family can enjoy.

Helen Cook has been gardening and growing for as long as she has worn gumboots. She has established and harvested six vegetable gardens in different parts of the country over the past 30 years.

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