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The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation - From Seed to Tissue Culture 2nd ed
A practical working guide to the propagation of over 1100 species, varieties and cultivars
Michael A Dirr and Charles W Heuser Jr
Paperback, 410 pages, 210 x 280mm, USA, 2006, first published 1987. $140

>From the preface -

The idea for this book lay dormant for many years in the authors' minds. Over the past years, we collected information and attempted to distill it to a workable quotient for the practitioner. This is not a book on the theories or principles of woody plant propagation. It is a grass roots effort to present information on seed, cutting, grafting and tissue culture that can be effectively utilized by the propagator. References are provided for those who require greater information. In most instances, we attempted to provide specific information relative to hormones, concentrations, media, condition of cutting wood, propagation systems, ad infinitum. For some plants the details are almost laborious; for others sketchy. We feel the latter provides at least a starring point and practitioners can refine the process...

Michael A. Dirr Athens, Georgia
Charles W. Heuser, Jr. University Park, Pennsylvania

List of contents -

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