Subject: Specials May 2009
From: Touchwood Books
Date: Tue, 05 May 2009 16:30:59 +1200

Touchwood Books Specials May 2009

1   Trees for New Zealand Town and Country  by Don Bell
Tree planting time again: over 400 commercially available trees in New Zealand.  Planting advice and everything you need to know about sites and care. Hardback, 231 pages.
$20,  was $60

2   The Swimming Pool  by Martha Baker
Inspiration and style from around the world.  Escape into this dazzling gorgeous world now that winter is here.  Hardback, 224 pages, 235 x 310mm.
$50, was $90

3   Gardening With Hardy Geraniums  by Birgitte Husted Bendtsen
Superb book with over 450 colour photos and 400 species.  Hardback, 215 x 280mm, 2005.
$40, was $70

4   Hibiscus - Hardy and Tropical Plants for the Garden  by Barbara Perry Lawton
Hardback, 160 x 235mm, 2004.
$40, was $70

5   Plant Exploration For Longwood Gardens  by Tomasz Anisko
Longwood Gardens of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, enjoys a long and distinguished tradition of plant exploration and introduction, dating back to the foundation of its arboretum in 1798. Since the 1950s, 50 such plant- hunting expeditions have taken place on six continents and in some 50 countries. These quests are the subject of "Plant Exploration For Longwood Gardens," which tells the stories of the people who participated in what were often arduous but always stimulating adventures and the plants they brought back. Illustrated with 500 photographs, this book provides a complete account of these journeys to the far corners of the world and is sure to be a fascinating read for anyone interested in the history of plant exploration and introduction. Hardback, 336 pages, 215 x 280mm, 2006.
$75, was $160

6   The Nature of Plants - Habitats, Challenges and Adaptations  by John Dawson and Rob Lucas 
“The Nature of Plants” tells how plants adapt to the challenges of their habitats. Plants may live in places that provide too little rainfall, yet they thrive, either by evading drought, or by tolerating the scarcity. There are plants that use other plants, climbing on them, strangling some, living in their leafy canopies, or parasitizing them.  Plants can  have love-hate relationships with animals, some feeding on plants but others drawn into serving plants by pollinating them, scattering their fruits and seeds, or being eaten themselves. The mostly hidden associations that plants have with bacteria and fungi are also revealed.  Easy to read hardback, 195 x 270mm, 2005.
$25, was $50

7   The New Topiary  by Patricia Riley Hammer
Hardback, 220x280mm, 1991 (4th reprint)
$40, was $80

8   The Olive - Tree of Civilisation  by John Train
Hardback, 96 pages, 200 x 245mm, 2004.
$25, was $60

9   Small Private Gardens  by Alejandro Bahamon (ed.)
A restriction on space has led to innovative design ideas.  European, very nice. Hardback, 135 pages, 200 x 245mm, 2006.
$20, was $50

10   The Well-designed Mixed Garden by Tracy DiSabato-Aust
This makes choosing suitable plants for your designs very easy.   Hardback, 460 pages, 260 x 285mm, 2003.
$45, was $75

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