Yates Product of the Month August 2009 Professional Potting Mix Yates Product of the Month, Yates Professional Potting Mix, is a top of the range mix that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor pots. When should you use Yates Professional Potting Mix? Whenever you want the very best growing conditions for your plants, especially long-term container plantings. Yates has brought out Professional Potting Mix to replace Yates Patio & Tub Mix because it offers some significant advantages. Yates Professional Potting Mix is produced to a top quality formula that ensures plants are provided with the best possible growing conditions. The formulation of the mix includes a 12 month controlled release fertiliser, added water-storing crystals and a wetting agent for improved water penetration and retention. Then there's the added 'magic' ingredient - a naturally occurring bacterial bio-stimulant in the mix that has been proven to encourage growth and enhance absorption of water and nutrients. Trials have shown that plants growing in the Yates Professional Potting Mix with added bio-stimulant developed far healthier and more extensive root systems than those in an untreated control. Yates has realised that most gardeners find potting mixes confusing, and don't know how to tell the difference between a good mix and a poor one. So, in order to clarify this situation, Yates has included a new potting mix rating system on its mixes. Using a simple dial symbol, this rating system indicates both the longevity of fertiliser release in each bag, and the water-holding capacity of the mix. With this help, purchasers are able to make an informed judgement and quickly find the right mix for their needs. For shorter-term plantings, Yates offers a choice of its General Purpose Potting Mix or the Premium Potting Mix. For more information contact www.yates.co.nz

Yates Seed of the Month August 2009 Carrot Manchester Table Seed Tape Seed tapes are such an easy way to sow from seed, especially for beginners. You just lay the tape in a shallow groove, cut off the length you require, cover lightly and water. By the time the seeds, which are pre-spaced along the tape, have started to germinate, the paper is already disintegrating and is well on its way to disappearing. Yates has recently added a new seed tape to its range the Yates Seed of the Month for August 2009, Carrot Manchester Table. Carrots are great favourites for the home vegie patch and, because they don't like being disturbed once they've started to grow, it's always best to grow them from seed. Now, with this new seed tape, growing carrots from seed has become even easier. Manchester Table is a traditional carrot variety that's derived from the stump-rooted French Nantes group. All of the carrots in the Nantes family are renowned for their sweet orange flesh. Because they're easily damaged by machine harvesting, Nantes carrots are rarely seen in commercial vegetable markets, but their crisp tenderness makes them a number one choice for home gardeners. Manchester Table carrots, which can grow up to 20cm in length, have an even, cylindrical shape with a blunt end. They have a high sugar and carotene content (carotene, which can be converted into Vitamin A, is responsible for the rich orange colour) and a small, non-woody core. If you've forgotten what truly fresh carrots taste like, grow some Manchester Table carrots from Yates seed tapes. With six metres of tape in the pack, you can sow more every few weeks. This means you'll be munching on our own, sweet, homegrown carrots for months. For more information contact Charlie Gray (09) 6362800 charlie.gray@orica.com. www.yates.co.nz