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For the week of:Wednesday 15th August 2007

Good frost this morning, just a reminder that it's not spring yet. Keep that frost cloth handy, we might need it for a few days yet, especially when the new potatoes look through. Still some colour in the shop, once they thaw out, the polys only get better with the cold. Early Camellias and Magnolias flowers are looking a touch brown this morning. Still selling a few bulbs. The lilies are out at 20% off and new in stock are the Gladiolis. Seed potatoes are selling well. Especially our sprouted trays, selected early varieties, trayed up for your convenience. The vegetable seedlings are still small, but are growing every day as with annuals we have a few early Petunias and Lobelias, but they won't handle these hard frosts. Still a few shrubs arriving, new in stock some good large grade Magnolias ready to flower. Most of our fruit trees are here now if you have an order in nows the time to collect that. Shelter trees still selling well from our sawdust bed, be in to get those before it's too late. Still plenty happening during the good afternoons once we thaw out.

Don't touch anything until it thaws out, especially the lawn walking on frozen grass damages it. Come in to our garden shop and have a look around it's a good time to see which plants are tough or not after some good frosts. Still good stocks of roses make sure you get some of our catalogues to study. Rose and tree prunning should be well underway and spray with copper and oil after prunning.


John Penny will be coming into Diacks at 11am Wednesday 22 August. This has a Limited space. Bookings will need to be made, just ring our Tweed st branch on 2168265 if your interested and this will only be held at Diacks Nurseries 628 Tweed st invercargill.
Urban fruit production.
John is a self confessed plant nut with a passion for "great" plants and "sympathetic" landscape design. He has been a teacher, a landscaper, a nursery manager and has been involved with introducing new plants to NZ gardeners. After a move to Nelson he has worked at Waimea Nurseries with one of his tasks being, advancing the concept of urban fruit production.
John very much promotes the move back to the days of growing your own fruit selections. This workship will help home gardeners, Landscapers and garden designers to incorporate fruiting plants in their landscape plans and potager designs.
Topics covered will include fruit tree selections (with a focus on dwarf, columnar trees and disease resistant selections) and how to use these plants to maximum effect in both a productive and aesthetically pleasing way.
How to espalier and also training and pruning of fruit trees to keep plants small will be covered along with growing fruit in containers.
John lives on a lifestyle block with a new orchard of over 150 trees and is currently developing a very large potager surrounded by espa;iered fruit trees and incorporating many fruit varieties into this kitchen garden.

Have you done polys and prims $1.00 each?
Or top dressing with moss killer $14.99, 10kg
Or 2 for $25.00 with this weeks issue of the Diacks newsletter.

over 20 varities, just ask us for advice.
Christmas potatoes are ready to plant now.
$7.50 for 3kg bag or $2.50 per kg
Liquid copper.

Take a look at the plant attached below and if you recognise it e-mail us with your answer. If you are the first to guess correctly you will win!
Last weeks answer: Barnhaven Primula
Last weeks winner: R L Crooks

New range of fish tanks at importers prices.
Don't forget our bird seed special, Canary mix 1kg
Parrot mix 800g
$2.99 each or $9.98 per 5 bags.
Cat scratch poles from only $11.98


Cherry and Blue Cheese Salad

3/4 cup thinly sliced mild red onion
2 cups cold water
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
3 quarts bite-size mixed salad greens
1 pound fresh or frozen dark sweet pitted cherries (if using frozen, thaw first)
Raspberry-Wine Dressing (see recipe below)
3/4 cup crumbled blue cheese (gorgonzola or Roquefort cheese may be substituted)

Place onions and lemon juice in a bowl with the 2 cups cold water; refrigerate 15 to 30 minutes. When done, pour off liquid and drain well.

In a large bowl, combine drained onions, salad greens, cherries and enought Raspberry-Wine Dressing to lightly coat the greens.

Sprinkle top of salad with blue cheese and serve.

Makes 8 to 10 servings.

Q: Why do melons have fancy weddings?
A: Because they cantaloupe.!

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