NATIVE PLANT WORKSHOP – This Friday 12th September 10:00am, or Sunday 14th September 10:00am.

Our September workshops will cover planting native trees – The main emphasis will be on what natives to plant to attract birds, plus look at the many ways of using natives, including restoring difficult areas using natives and creating a wetland. We will go for a walk around our nursery & gardens, and look at areas and banks that we have planted up over the years, and look at what has worked well & why. This workshop is part of the Conservation week program, and is sponsored by RDC, ARC, Times FM and DOC. They have very kindly offered to donate a plant voucher to everyone who attends the workshops that can be redeemed at the end of the workshop. The workshop will last around 1.5 hours.

You will need to book in advance as we have limited room for parking, so either CLICK HERE to send us an email, or give the Plant Centre a call on 09 420 5655, or you can book via the Rodney District Council on 0800 4265169.


Finally spring growth is here – but with this comes weed growth. For years I have been on the lookout for a weedmat that stops weeds, but doesn’t kill the soil like the black plastic type weedmats do. We are very excited to offer our customers Kaipara Coast Plant Centres new ECO-SQUARES, all natural easy to use mats that actually improve the soil while stopping weeds for up to 2 years.

For a free sample, simply print off this newsletter and bring it into the Plant Centre and we will give you a FREE SAMPLE of an ECO-SQUARE to trial.


After three very wet months finally we are getting some dry weather, and it is the perfect time to plant now the ground is starting to dry up. We have been very busy in the Plant Centre for the last few weeks, and the Plant Centre is packed full of beautiful healthy plants that we have grown this year. Every week we have plenty of great priced YELLOW LABEL specials which change regularly, plus offer really great bulk buy deals on all plants.

FOX GLOVE TREES - Paulownia.

Just past Kaukapakapa Village on your way up to the Plant Centre there is a magnificent group of Purple flowered Foxglove trees (Paulownia). These trees are incredibly fast growers with huge leaves, and are probably the most spectacular flowering tree there is. These will be flowering over the next few weeks, so have a look at them on your way to the Plant Centre. We have strong 2.2m tall Fox glove trees available at present – be quick!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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