FRUIT TREE WORKSHOP – This Saturday 23rd August 1:0pm or 3:00pm0

Our August 23rd workshop will cover fruit trees – what to plant, where to plant, how to plant, how to look after and how to prune your fruit trees. This will be a straight forward, practical, common sense look at what needs doing to some of the fruit trees in our own orchard. I’ll try to dispel some of the myths associated with looking after fruit trees along the way! The workshop will last around 1.5 hours.

You will need to book in advance as I am trying to limit numbers so everyone can see what to do, so either CLICK HERE to send us an email, or give the Plant Centre a call on 09 420 5655. If these two sessions get booked up I will look at doing another workshop on Sunday.


Is it OK to plant now?

It has rained almost every day for the last few months, and our soil is absolutely saturated, with water oozing out of the soil all over our property. A lot of our customers have asked if it is still OK to plant at the moment. IT IS A GREAT TIME TO PLANT – I have been planting each weekend here at the Plant Centre throughout the winter regardless of wind, hail, rain and more rain! This is because the soil is at the worst it will ever be, and so I have been able to tell exactly where the wet spots are, and have taken action to improve the soil, either by improving drainage, or building up the soil in wet areas so the plants roots don’t go rotten by sitting in water. The other way I’ve played it safe in some really wet areas is to plant wet loving plants in wet places!

Symptoms of root rot.

Root rots occur when plants roots have been sitting in waterlogged soils for too long. Things to look out for are a plants leaves turning yellow, leaves falling off suddenly, and plants wilting, even though the soil is very wet. Often these symptoms won’t show up until the first dry weeks in the spring, so now is a very important time to look at your plants, and if water is sitting around your plants roots, you to try to drain the water away to reduce root damage.


Spring is only just over a week away, and the Daffodil flowers and Spring blossoms have started around the Plant Centre. We always get a couple of weeks of good weather in early September, so the next couple of weekends are a great time to get plants in the ground to make the most of spring warmth and growth. Our Prunus ‘Felix Jury’ (we call them ‘Tui Trees’) are in full flower, and we have had up to 7 Tuis feeding on the flowers on one Tree! We have limited numbers left of a strong beautiful grade of these in the shop for this year, so best get in quick while they are still flowering.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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