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Welcome to New Zealands Plant Portal. Coromandel Cacti's Newsletter
For Enthusiasts No. E09 June 29th 2007.
Firstly, thanks to those who entered our contest in the last Newsletter E08. It was great to see all the entries, and we were very pleased when finally a fully correct entry arrived, from one Liam O'Meara of Auckland. Congratulations Liam!!!
Liam has been sent his $50 Gift Voucher already.
Special mention should be made of Northland enthusiast Leanne who gave us this entertaining attempt at Qu.No.8. In what style is John Travolta represented?......... "Canít find him anywhere! You described an Opuntia phaeacantha discata DJF 1400 as a hairy bottomed cutie, this is as close as I can get to him Ė he is a hairy bottomed cutie, ha ha."
Not the right answer Leanne, but for brightening up our day we are sending you a $10 Gift Voucher!
Here are the answers. Directly from the website, in red, are the relevant quotes in which the answers could be found.
  1. How flat is Aeonium tabulaeforme?  "Apple green and flat as a maggot this Canary Island cliffdweller forms a mandala-like rosette to 30cm across.". See the Plant List under Aeonium tabulaeforme.
  2. Which seabird nests in NZ's native mesem? "Disphyma makes a perfect nesting spot for this Sooty Dogfaced Gannet". See the Plant List under Disphyma australe.
  3. Which ones do the mice like, especially in winter? "Mice sometimes nibble them also, especially in winter. They like the rarer ones." (it referred to Lithops, but "the rarer ones" was the answer we wanted). See nearly half way down the Cultivation page.
  4. What sort of a dance do the purple vibratile hairs perform?  "Orbeopsis lutea ...... Bunches of brilliant yellow star-shaped flowers have purple vibratile hairs doing a danged dingle-dangle dance in the draught". See the Plant List under  Orbeopsis lutea.
  5. Which two chemicals can be used together for a double-barrelled approach to law and order? "Spray with Confidor, or with Conqueror Oil .......... they can be used together for a double-barrelled approach to law and order." See under Mealy Bugs, the very first "problem" on the Plant Problems page.
  6. Which is the only Lithops with an orange flower? "verruculosa, the only Lithops with an orange flower ". See 6/10ths of the way down the Cultivation page.
  7. What type of number can Ralph Martin help you with? Collection Numbers. "Ralph Martin's website, http://ralph.cs.cf.ac.uk/Cacti/fieldno.html is excellent for checking locality details as well as the latest identity of that population. Sometimes the plant collection initially has no name, just the Collection Number, and only years later it might be formally described..... ..after which Ralph baby will see you right". See the FAQ, within the HS 151 answer.
  8. In what style is John Travolta represented? This was the killer question that stumped all but Liam O'Meara. Here is the answer, pasted straight from the website about halfway down the Web Specimens page:
Monvillea spegazzinii Crest (Web Specimen WS 048) 

John Travolta from behind. A vangoghian interpretation.
If the picture didn't open for you, try here.
9.    Which family is especially rich in Lump Plants? "The Cucumber Family (Cucurbitaceae) is especially rich in Lump Plants (or caudiciforms as they are more properly known)". See the Grand Tour, page 5 thereof, first paragraph.
10.   Have you got a Lithop? "No, noone has ever had a Lithop. There is no such thing as a Lithop. It is a Lithops, even if there is only one of them. Even if it is dead it is still not a Lithop." See the Frequently Asked Questions page, right near the bottom.
Trade Me. 
Some of you will already know that we put plants up for auction on Trade Me, under the nom-de-plume of desert_maniacs.
Well, right now we have a number of one-offs and new releases being auctioned on Trade Me. Most of the current auctions end on Sunday night, 8th July. Check it out for some interesting plants. Where else will you buy a Desmidorchis for example? Most people don't even want to pronounce it!
And remember, we will always do our best to combine shippable Trade Me winnings with Website Orders. We will adjust the shipping costs that were initially calculated on the Website Order and let you know by email if there is any extra charge. Just let us know if you have placed a Website Order but are still waiting for a Trade Me auction to close. Or vice versa.
This time our contest is for photos. Digital only please, no larger than 500 kbs per pic. We have two Categories for you:
A. Mid-Winter Cheer. Recent photo of something (cac-and-succ-related) that cheered you up. e.g. nice garden scene of mid-winter flowering Aloes.
B. Mid-Winter Misery. Recent photo of something (cac-and-succ-related)  that brought you misery. e.g. garden scene of mid-winter flowering Aloes surrounded by flood debris.
Get the picture? Or rather: DID you get the picture?
Maximum no. of entries is two per person per category.
Prizes are a Gift Voucher for $25 for the winner in each category. Winners announced in the next Newsletter. And maybe the winning pics (small kb version) will go into the Newsletter too.
Bearing in mind that we would like, soon, to open a page on the website for great garden shots and your bragbook-type photos, we will consider that by entering in the Contest you have granted permission for us to use your photo later on.
Our Email Address. Please note that after 10 years with ihug we are moving to a new ISP. But our website will not change and our most longterm email address will always be file:///C:/Program%20Files/Common%20Files/Microsoft%20Shared/Stationery/
Website Changes.  Last but not least, don't forget to check out our website regularly, file:///C:/Program%20Files/Common%20Files/Microsoft%20Shared/Stationery/. We currently have more species for sale than ever, and also more Web Specimens.
And, by the way, if anyone knows of a free service on the internet for notifying one of a nominated website's CHANGED PAGES, then we would like to hear about it. I used to use such a service to keep an eye on certain websites, but it is no longer free or even close to it. Moreover, if you wanted to start up such a service then there may well be a demand out there. Offer the central service for free, but charge advertisers to hang out on the screen somewhere. Just an idea for someone. But please let us know if it's up and running somewhere already.
That's all for now.
Our Tip: Keep gardening to keep warm!
Martin and the Team at Coromandel Cacti.