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Herb of the week

By Lynn Kirkland
For 27th July

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Herb of the week by Lynn Kirkland for 27th July

Last week I had the opportunity to explore the beautiful Hamilton Gardens for an hour to break the long journey from Auckland to Palmerston North.
Of course I was interested in the herb garden and like our gardens much of the plantings were in a dormant phase or being revamped ready for spring.
As always in the winter one notices beauty in the garden which may not be so obvious in the summer when there is a lot more colour and foliage growth.
I find a winter garden very restful and was intrigued by the twisted branches of a deciduous shrub beside a beautiful lichen covered seat.

The tree is called a Contorted Hazel or Contorted Filbert & Harry Lauder's Walking Stick. Sir Harry Lauder (1870-1950) was a Scot & a leading music hall entertainer who sang lovely ballads & told jokes on himself. He was greatly beloved in his day, & was knighted by King George V for service to the country in the first World War
His signature song "Roamin' in the Gloamin'" is still well known, though many mistake it for a folk tune when in fact Sir Harry wrote it. He used a twisted walking cane and no doubt this is why the contorted hazel came by its other name.

This tree originated as a natural "sport" in England in the mid-1800s, growing in a hedgerow with ordinary European filberts.
Well worth looking for as a feature tree in a border or container and is happy in full sun or semi-shade. What an intriguing tree to come across while exploring these gorgeous gardens. Well worth the stop if you are in that area.

Thanks lynn another great read.

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