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Red Puppy Appeal
By Lynn Kirkland


By Lynn Kirkland


Herb of the Week for 30th March by Lynn Kirkland

Red Puppy Appeal

There is no doubt as to the appeal of a labrador puppy and today is the start of Red Puppy Appeal, the new look campaign to raise money for the Guide Dog Services.
Labradors are dear to me and many readers will remember our lovely herb farm labrador, Jasmine.
Jasmine lies at rest now in a special garden created for her called “Jasmine’s Garden”
Jaz’s life was shorter than normal as she developed a tumour near her heart and we had to put her to sleep when she was only eight.
Now her lovely garden is a tranquil spot to remember our “child in a fur coat” and shows our visitors how a special memorial garden can be created for a much loved pet.
Consider plants with special meanings when planning this kind of garden. Here are the ones I chose when creating the garden where our much loved pet is at rest.

I used olive trees which are a symbol of peace.
Rosemary is for remembrance and thyme for courage.
A rose is for love. We were given the pink, all summer flowering, Perfect Pet by the neighbouring children. After the flowers we enjoy the sight of are lovely red rosehips on this easy care bush rose.
Lavender is for loyal friendship and what a loyal friend a labrador makes.
And a herb that was chosen to be a reminder of something special about Jaz was the alpine strawberries. Jaz would gently nuzzle into the plant and pluck the small ripe strawberries-the yellow variety or the red ones were enjoyed equally.
Of course we had to include the sweetly scented climber Jasmine in the garden and it is now growing beautifully over the arbour built over the seat.
In the language of flowers white jasmine means amiability and cheerfulness-perfect!

In support of Red Puppy Appeal we will be collecting out at the herb farm this weekend and we will donate the garden fees we receive from visitors paying for our garden walk, which of course includes visiting Jasmine’s garden, to this very worthy cause.
There is no government funding for this service and it costs $22,500 to breed, raise, train and match one of these puppies.

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