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Herb of the week for 22nd Dec
By Lynn Kirkland
A Herbal Posie For Mary


By Lynn Kirkland


Herb of the week for 22nd Dec
By Lynn Kirkland
A Herbal Posie For Mary

There will be great excitement in households with children as the countdown to Christmas continues.
Three sleeps to go and for there will be still a few folk who need to get a pressie or two under the tree.
For someone with everything, perhaps a small tussie mussie or herbal posie with a message for a loved one could be a thoughtful gift.
In the language of flowers each plant has a special meaning and you can make a lovely tussie mussie with flowers and foliage from your garden.
The thoughtfulness is because of the message that is written to give with the posy.

I made the posy in the photo with mothers in mind.
Mary is the mother of Jesus and has a very important role in religion and history.
Our own mothers are very important and special of course and I would like to dedicate this message to my own precious mother, Edna Rogers.

The central flower in your posy will have the strongest message and I have chosen a red rose for my Mum symbolic of the heartfelt love I have for her.
Lavenders are there as a message of loyal friendship and devotion.
Rosemary is for so many happy memories as it is the herb of remembrance.
There is thyme for courage and lady’s mantle with its bright yellow flowers and pleated leaves which is a symbol of protection.
It is thought that the leaves of lady’s mantle are so called because it is like the cloak that Mary wore while on her way to Bethlehem.

So no matter whether you are religious or not I know that Christmas is a special time and an appropriate time to honour mothers.
Enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones. I wish you peace and happiness on Christmas Day.



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