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Herb of the Week for 4th Nov 2006

Take Time to Smell the Roses

Herb of the Week for 27th October

By Lynn Kirkland


Take Time to Smell the Roses
By Lynn Kirkland-

Springtime is the time that old fashioned roses put on their best display. Roses remind us that when life is running at a busy pace it is wise to take a moment and stop and smell the roses.
Olde worlde roses have the best fragrance in my opinion. They are the roses that have traditionally been used to make rose oil and rosewater which have been used for their softening properties in skincare for generations.

My particular favourite rose family is the rugosas. The one in the photo is David Thomson and is an early bloomer, as are many rugosas.
Rugosa rose bushes have seasonal features gives them interest in any season.
In winter their distinguishing feature is the impressive thorns on their stems.
Spring comes along and the first of the glossy veined leaves appear proclaiming the health of these rose bushes.
Next the beautifully fragrant blooms in shades of pink, crimson, red and white appear contrasting with the deep green leaves. The flowers appear on the bushes from spring to the end of summer.
Rugosa Showtime continues with the formation of the rosehips. These form after the bees visit and fertilize the flowers. Hips come in shapes varying from round to oval and size varies from small to the size of a small tomato. The glossy red skin has a luminance to it which is very eye-catching.
I regard rugosa roses as herbal roses as both the roses and rosehips have great benefits for us.
I encourage you to consider rugosas for your home garden. They never need spraying and hardly ever need pruning and give enormous pleasure to those who take the time to stop and smell the roses.


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