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Herb of the Week for 27th Oct 2006

Fairy Magic

Herb of the Week for 27th October

By Lynn Kirkland

Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic by Lynn Kirkland

The heavens opened at Labour Weekend and this had one of our fairy folk in the Living Magic garden at the herb farm sheltering under her verandah.
As she sat wondering when the sun would come out she was able to watch Mr and Mrs Starling busy nest building in the birdhouse close to her home.
Every year we enjoy this spring activity and to help keep hunting felines away from the nest we have planted a rugosa rose around the pole. Rugosas are incredibly thorny roses and not even the supreme hunter Shaz will be able to get up to the nest.

In the areas where the paths meander past fairy homes and the fairy castle we have planted a thornless variety of rose. We do not want little ones getting a thorny surprise if they reach out to touch the roses. Banksia alba is covered in small white blooms which have a soft rose fragrance on sunny days.
Did you know that the fragrance of roses attracts fairies to your garden?

Why not use the next rainy day to go to the library and borrow the delightful fairy books by Cicely Mary Barker and start planning a fairy garden.
Cecily has the most beautifully illustrated books on fairies who live in flowers, weeds and trees.

Planning a fairy garden with children is a heartwarming activity to share.
My favourite fairy herb flowers are heartsease which are the little violas.
All pansies are loved by fairies and in the language of flowers they mean, happy thoughts.
Violets are another herbal favourite of the wee winged residents of a fairy garden.
Tell a fairy a secret and they will tuck it into a violet flower and keep it safe.
Any tiny and fragrant flower will be loved by the fairy folk.
Adding this element of fairy magic to your garden will bring pleasures to all your visitors and it can be enjoyed rain or shine.

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