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Herb of the Week for 16th Sept 2006

Herb of the Week for 16th September

By Lynn Kirkland

A Bath of Herbs


Spring is a creative time in the garden and wonderful fun can be had by planting herbs in unusual containers. Old sinks, laundry tubs or baths will be the focus of this article. Although they do have drainage hole in the way of the plughole, it is a good ides to put a good layer of rocks or stones or broken pot pieces along the bottom of your bath or sink. Next partly fill your container with good friable soil and top up with potting mix.

It is best to group herbs together which have the same requirements as far as the amount of sun and their watering needs. This way your container of herbs will be able to grow happily and give you an abundance of herbs for cooking, teas or fragrance.
Plants dry out quicker in containers than they do in the ground so even though some herbs are sun loving and require minimal water in their natural habitat, you cannot ignore watering completely.
The following herbs are Mediterranean natives and will do well grouped together. Rosemary, lavender, sage, thymes (lots of choice here) oreganos and marjorams. Look at their growth habits and plant them accordingly. Some rosemary varieties will tumble over the side of the container while others grow upright. Choose Tuscan Blue for a strong upright bush at the back of the container and choose a “Rosmarinus Prostratus” type like Lockwood de Forest for the front where it will spill over the edge.

When you buy small plants at your garden centre remember that many herbs will grow vigourously in one season, so do not overcrowd your containers. Check the label for plant size and plant accordingly.

Parsley, mint, chervil, salad mixes like mesclun, chives and any other soft leaved salad green herbs will do better in a container that gets partial sun and can be kept well watered. I find it’s always best to repot container plants every year as they need fresh nutrients to grow successfully for you.
If you had containers herbs last year plant these out in the garden after a good trim and buy new plants for your containers for your pleasure and good health through the summer.

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