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Tips and Advice for August. Thanks for visiting.

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Tasks for this month: AUGUST

Vegetable Garden
Prepare the garden for spring planting, digging in generous amounts of compost. Now is the time to add Lime if necessary.
Sow seeds in trays ready for transplanting later, cabbage, celery, spring onion, onions, silverbeet, spinach and lettuce.
In warm districts sow directly into the soil: carrots, parsnips, beetroot, peas and radish.
In cool climates sow parsnips, turnips, swedes, peas and broad beans.
Plant seed potatoes. Lay in a tray in a sunny place for 7 -10 days until the "eyes" sprout then plant in the garden.
Plant asparagus crowns into previously prepared beds.
Plant strawberries. Feed liberally with Strawberry Food.
Plant rhubarb plants. Lift and divide clumps of Rhubarb.
Spray winter crops of cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and broad beans with Super Copper to prevent fungus diseases.
Plant seedlings of cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli, silverbeet and spinach.
Protect seedlings from slugs and snails with Slug & Snail Pellets.
Lift and divide perennial herbs such as chives and tarragon. Plant new herb plants in garden or pots.

Fruit Trees

Spray deciduous trees with Copper and Spraying Oil to prevent fungal and bacterial diseases.
Plant new citrus and deciduous fruit trees.
Fertilise all fruit trees. Spread evenly over root zone, taking care to keep away from trunk.
Prune passionfruit vines and feijoas to encourage new growth and fruiting.

Flower Garden

Tidy up and prepare garden beds for spring planting.
Plant new seasons roses in rich well drained soil, with plenty of compost.
Complete rose pruning in time for spring growth. Spray with Shield to protect new growth from pests and diseases.
Plant seedlings of pansies, viola, polyanthus, cineraria, stock, alyssum, aquilegia, poppy, cornflower, canterbury bells, gypsophila, forget-me not, hollyhock, delphinium, cosmos, and carnations.
Protect seedlings from slugs and snails with Slug & Snail Pellets.
Sow seeds of alyssum, begonia, californian poppy, carnation, celosia, chrysanthemum, cosmos, dahlia, delphinium, dianthus, gypsophila, honesty, marigold, petunia, phlox, portulaca, salvia, snapdragon, sunflower, verbena, viscaria, zinnia, pansy, nemesia, and viola.
Plant perennials. Lift and divide clumps of perennials.
Plant gladioli, dahlia, and begonia tubers for summer flowering.
Plant trees and shrubs now to maximise on spring growth.
Feed trees and shrubs with a long term controlled release fertiliser such as Magamp.
Plant up new seasons flowering annuals in containers.

Evenly apply lawn fertiliser to stimulate new growth. Moss can be a problem in poorly drained or shady areas of lawn. Improve drainage where possible. Rake the area thoroughly and apply a solution of Sulphate of Iron (10g per square metre) to kill moss.

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