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Tips and Advice for November. Thanks for visiting.

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Vegetable Garden
Most warm weather veges can now be planted. Make generous use of compost. Plant herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, eggplant, lettuce, sweetcorn, gherkins, spinach, spring onions, watermelon, rockmelon, beetroot, celery and cabbage.
Plant basil with tomatoes to improve flavour, and keep other bugs away. Sow these seeds directly into the garden; beans, peas, pumpkin, courgettes, carrots, beetroot, parsnip, radish and sweetcorn.

Sow in trays for transplanting later: lettuce, cabbage, capsicum, eggplant, leeks, spring onions. For continuous harvesting make sowings at three weekly intervals, eg lettuce, beans and sweetcorn.
Spray with Copper to guard against fungus diseases.
Plant main crop potatoes.
All vegetables will benefit from a side dressing of Blood & Bone or General Garden Fertiliser.
Tomatoes are growing quickly and need lots of water and feeding. Liquid feed is best because it acts faster on the plants. Regular deep watering is best.
Dust cabbages and cauliflowers with Derris Dust to prevent white butterfly caterpillar.
Plant herbs and vegetables in pots.

Fruit Trees

Feed all citrus trees with General or Citrus Fertiliser. Feed other fruit trees with General Garden Fertiliser.
Hang Codlin Moth traps in apple trees to trap the moths and prevent the larvae entering fruit. Around mid November after petal fall.

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Flower Garden

Plant summer flowering annual seedlings. Now available to plant are cosmos, petunias, lobelia, impatiens, marigolds, phlox, verbena, larkspur, alyssum, portulaca and many more.
Mulch perennials, trees and shrubs to help conserve soil moisture. Use compost, bark, peat.
Install inground watering systems for economical summer watering.
All chrysanthemums and dahlias can now be planted.
Plant water lilies and other pond plants.
Liquid feed all flowering annuals and perennials. Feed flowering shrubs with a side dressing of General Garden Fertiliser.
Sow seeds of flowering annuals directly into the garden; alyssum, Californian poppy, marigolds, cosmos, nasturtium, sunflowers. Sow in trays for transplanting later; carnations, dahlia, livingstone daisy, petunia, salvia, gerberas, celosia, phlox and geranium.
Plant new roses using plenty of compost. Water all roses thoroughly at least every week.
Side dress roses with Rose Fertiliser. Mulch to retain soil moisture over summer.
Spray roses with Shield to prevent fungus diseases and pest damage.
Plant hanging baskets with flowers for summer.

Apply Lawn Fertiliser when rain is due or water in.
Water lawns in dry weather using a sprinkler. Do not cut too closely.
Spray with Turfix for broad leaf weeds and Prickle Weedkiller to control Onehunga weed and stop the summer prickles.

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