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Tips for Pruning Rose's

There are really 4 Main Points

1. Keep the center of the bush clear of growth, like a big vase or bowl.

2. Remove all dead or decayed growth.

3. Keep some shape to your garden roses, be gentle with the cuts.

4. Remove crossing branches in favour of the stronger growth.

If you follow these 4 points you should not have to many problems.











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Roses Resources Here

Some sites I have found better describe the different types of roses and growth habits.

Wellington Gardens Guides Excellent Value LOOK

The Royal NZ Institute Of Horticulture Guide | High Resolution Images here

A Brief Guide to Rose Pruning by: Will Funk

Do it yourself dot Com Guide | Festival Of Roses Parnell Auck

Rose Prunning Tips with Don Trotter


Rose Tips with Tasman Bay Roses | Roses in a white Garden

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