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Welcome to New Zealands Plant Portal. Touchwood Books New Titles June2007

1   New Zealand Gardens of Significance
Edited by Gordon Collier
Booklet, 64 pages, 160 x 190mm, NZ, 2007.   $12 posted or 15% discount for 5 or more copies

A guide to New Zealand gardens of national and regional significance. In all, 64 gardens are listed – 44 in the North Island and 20 in the South Island.

The gardens featured have been visited by a team of NZ Gardens Trust assessors, working to a rigorous set of standards. Factors considered include hard landscaping and design, plant material and its use and association, maintenance, safety and ornamentation. The assessors also look for creativity and attention to detail, and whether the garden has that extra star quality. Judging gardens, like judging any art form, is a difficult task.

There is a description and a single colour photo of each garden that has been selected, along with opening times, whether there is an admission fee and contact details. A very useful little book to keep in the car, as there are some gardens included that you will not have heard of.



2   The Greatest Barbeque Tips in the World
Raymond van Rijk
Paperback, 160 pages, 125 x 170mm, NZ, 2006.   $25

From the cover –

Raymond’s great barbeque tips and advice will help you:

choose the perfect barbeque - whether gas or charcoal
cook exciting and mouth-watering food to amaze your guests
select the right tools and accessories to make barbequing fun
barbeque confidently and safely every time
enjoy barbequing whilst others flounder and reach for the oven!

There’s not a sooty sausage or a burnt burger in sight as renowned barbeque chef, Raymond van Rijk, gives his amazing tips from choosing a new barbeque to perfecting the cooking of a wide variety of foods. With alfresco dining becoming all the rage around the globe, this book will help make summer barbeques the best ever!




3   A Stockman's Gift - Daniel Vickery Bryant and the Bryant Charitable Trusts - A Legacy For Waikato
Rosalind McClean
Hardback, 351 pages, 175 x 250mm, NZ, 2007.  $50

From the cover –

‘He would have got a Knighthood if he’d had better table manners.’

This is the story of Daniel Bryant, the third child of agricultural immigrants, and a Waikato farmer and live-stock dealer. At age thirty-nine he decided to forego his former life purpose to ‘make good’, and instead embarked on a course that would touch the lives and renew the hopes of thousands of individuals in the Waikato region and beyond. The DV Bryant Trust of Hamilton New Zealand today continues the humanitarian and community work of its founder Dan, and his wife Mary Bryant.

This book contains important insights for the history of welfare in New Zealand. It provides a fresh retelling of the history and culture of a region and its people.

















4   Schemes, Dreams and a Game Called Business
Phil A Long-Taylor
CD-Rom, NZ, 2007.   $30

From the cover –

Business advice based on the experience of real Kiwis, recorded over an 18 year period, as they started and operated real businesses in the real world.

Full of great tips that can make you a winner.

Just what is private enterprise compared to business?

As soon as we recognise that to be a success our business requires us to play a game, we stop considering it a war zone where we are nearly always on the defence with limited or no options at all. We now treat it as good sport. If I choose, I can lock horns with the biggest adversary or like a flea on an elephant's hide I can go along for the ride and get a nice living at the same time. The choices are everywhere. Like any good sport, if you lose today you can always come back for another go, only the next time you have learned more skill and practised harder.

As with the game of chess, the game of business requires knowledge, foresight, bluff, chance, risk and even deception. Unless you learn those skills, how can you ever manage to compete with someone who does? That’s right, you can't. We are not going in to lose or just break even. We are going in to win and to make a dollar.

You see, business is a game while private enterprise is an attitude. This attitude allows you to take on and succeed with any project you can imagine, whether it be for profit or pleasure. Private enterprise is like innovation and the creative process. It lives in the minds of individuals and communities. It is very easily tainted and destroyed and must be protected. It is recognised by astute communities as an asset and by others as mere pie in the sky. Private enterprise is, 'the ability to achieve any goals you may set yourself, simply by using your natural ingenuity to first recognise and then use your available resources to their greatest advantage’. The objective is to achieve your goals, and making money is only one of the possible end results.

Consider private enterprise as a river winding its way around the rocks. Someone throws a rock in its path. Does that stop the river? No way! It simply keeps pushing until it finds its way around the obstruction. Regardless of how many rocks are thrown in its path, it will always find a way through.

When you take on that attitude you simply cannot lose.

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