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Welcome to New Zealands Plant Portal. Touchwood Books Three Tree Books

1   Landscape Trees and Shrubs - Selection, Use and Management
M Forrest
Paperback, 179 pages, 170 x 245mm, UK, 2006.   $115

From the cover –

Trees   and shrubs are extensively used to enhance public areas and green spaces, and the right decisions must be made to gain the optimal results from such schemes. Presenting a horticultural overview of the main temperate tree and shrub families cultivated in urban and rural landscapes, this book describes the identification, functional use and management of 38 plant families. With reference to over 700 taxa and 100 planting schemes, it will enable readers to assess the suitability of species and prepare planting designs for prevailing sites. A valuable text book for students of landscape architecture, horticulture and urban forestry, it will also be useful to professionals specializing in nursery stock for garden centres, arboriculturalists undertaking tree surveys and horticulturalists preparing inventories of cultivated plants.

2   Niwaki - Pruning, Training and Shaping Trees the Japanese Way
Jake Hobson
Hardback, 144 pages, 235 x 280mm, USA, 2007.   $72

From the cover –

Discover the hidden character of your garden trees and learn how to:

sculpt topiary into asymmetrical mounds (karikomi)
train branches out over entranceways (monkaburi)
thin pine needles to reveal interesting patterns (momiage)
cut back overgrown trees to create new shapes (fukinaoshi)
bring out your trees’ innate yin and yang

Jake Hobson draws upon years of experience with Japanese gardens and landscaping. He first travelled to Japan after completing a degree in sculpture at London’s Slade School of Fine Arts. Intrigued by the tree pruning techniques he encountered there, he spent a year working at an Osaka nursery. Jake then returned to England with a desire to apply the skills he learned in a new context, settling into a five-year position at Architectural Plants in West Sussex. In 2004 he set up a business — Niwaki, Japanese Garden Tools — with his wife, Keiko. A member of the Royal Horticultural Society, the European Boxwood and Topiary Society and the Japanese Garden Society, he has written for the specialist journal 'Topiarus' and delivers lectures on Japanese pruning techniques throughout the UK.

3   Planting With Trees - 'The Hillier Gardener's Guides' Series
Andrew and Rosamond McIndoe
Paperback, 160 pages, 205 x 250mm, UK, 2007. $50

From the cover –

Trees are normally the largest and most important plants in any garden. They are long-term subjects that form an essential part of the structure of the garden and have a profound influence on the rest of the planting. Choosing a tree can be a difficult decision. Making the right choice, of both the tree and the surrounding plants, is important. "Planting with Trees" sets out to help the gardener use trees in the same creative way that other plants are used. It identifies their attributes at different times of the year and suggests what to grow under, up and through them to enhance their effect. All gardens, however small, have room for at least one tree; the question is which to choose.

"Planting with Trees" answers this and many other questions:

Can I grow a tree in a pot in my tiny garden?
I'd like a tree with interesting bark. What do you suggest?
Which rose should I choose to grow through a tree?
Is there a tree with good autumn colour for a chalky soil?
Are there any evergreen shrubs that grow under trees?
My garden backs onto fields. Which trees would fit in?
I want a tree with spring blossom. Which is the best?
What can I plant alongside a tree with purple foliage?
How do I know how big a tree will be in ten years?
I want a tree with berries for the birds. What should I choose?

If you wish to order any of these titles just email us or use our secure online order form at https://ssl.ramhb.co.nz/touchwoodbooks. Postage and packaging is $5 per parcel for NZ orders under 2kg, less if books are light. Overseas orders and NZ orders heavier than 2kg will be quoted. All titles mentioned have been in stock unless otherwise stated but may not be when you order. We accept all New Zealand book tokens. To unsubscribe just send us an email asking to be removed from the mailing list.


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