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February 2009 Specials From Touchwood Books

1 Leonard Da Vinci on Plants and Gardens by William Emboden
Comprehensive study of Leonardo as an artist/botanist. Hardback, 234 pages.
$45, was $80

2 Performance Plants by Andrew Lawson
250 plants for year-round success in your garden. Paperback, 168 pages.
$15, was $30

3 Gardens By Design by Pamela Hailstone
Principles of good garden design made simple. Hardback, 144 pages.
$12, was $50

4 Alexander Pope - The Poet and the Landscape by Mavis Batey
Nice book for the student of 18th century landscape gardening. Hardback, 134 pages.
$35, was $80

5 Leisurely Gardening - The Art of the Low Maintenance Garden by Nigel Colborn
How to manage a 21/2 acre garden with minimum effort. Hardback, 145 pages.
$15, was $60

6 Emmerdale’s Yorkshire by James Ferguson
Yorkshire is a backdrop to the television series “Emmerdale Farm”. Hardback, 116 pages.
$15, was $40

7 The English Garden Room by Elizabeth Dickson
A variety of stylish and interesting garden rooms belonging to well-known people. Paperback, 139 pages.
$20, was $37

8 Gardens of Elizabeth, The Queen Mother by The Marchioness of Salisbury
A history of the gardens and the late Queen Mother’s personal preferences. Hardback, 192 pages. $15, was $50

9 Italian Gardens by Charles Platt
Facsimile reproduction of the 1894 original. Italian landscape gardens described by a visiting American architect. Hardback, 170 pages.
$25, was $85

10 The Ornamental Gardener by Miranda Innes
Wonderful design ideas for pots, paths, gates, walls, fountains etc. Hardback, 160 pages.
$20, was $80

11 Financial Budget Manual 2006 by Lincoln University
While the figures are out of date, the general approach is still relevant. Paperback, 90 pages.
$5, was $65

12 The Book of Outdoor Gardening by Smith & Hawken
Fully illustrated guide to gardening responsibly. Paperback, 154 pages.
$15, was $50

13 A Manual of Saxifrages by DA Webb and RJ Gornall
This is for the keen gardener and the botanist. Hardback, 305 pages.
$20, was $100

14 Botanical Orchids by Jack Kramer
This beautiful book helps the novice grower choose the best varieties for his conditions. Hardback, 222 pages.
$20, was $75

15 Growing Eucalyptus Trees For Milling On New Zealand Farms by Neil Barr
The best eucalyptus trees for NZ conditions. Hardback, 140 pages.
$25, was $40

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