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New Titles on Vegetables

1 One Magic Square - Grow Your Own Food on One Square Metre
Food Plot Designs For All Seasons in Temperate Climates
Lolo Houbein
Paperback, 357 pages, 200 x 200mm, Australia, 2008. $55

>From the cover -

Never grown a radish? This is the book for you.

The best and cheapest food is the food you grow in your own piece of dirt.

“One Magic Square” shows how, with a ten-minute effort, you can start your own productive food garden on a single square metre.

Most food-gardening failures occur through starting too big. By following these plot designs you can extend by one square metre each season to keep your labour pleasurable even as your self-sufficiency increases.

Take control of your own fresh food supply! Food gardening is the most intelligent adult endeavour on earth - Lolo Houbein shows you how to do it, and why you should.

2 The Gourmet Garden
Virginia Hayes
Paperback, 144 pages, 225 x 225mm, Australia, 2008. $30

>From the cover -

Grow gourmet ingredients in your garden, greenhouse or even a window box and enjoy organic food that is more nutritious, fresher and tastier than store-bought produce.

“The Gourmet Garden” is an organic gardening book for people who truly care about food. Showing clearly how to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers, it also guides you through everything from potting, pruning and caring for your plants to harvesting, storing and using them in your kitchen.

Grow your own and you'll be 100% assured that no unwelcome chemicals have made their way into your food. Plus you can be confident in the knowledge that you're helping the environment at the same time.

Practical seasonal tips and a directory section brimming with information will help you grow fresh and natural ingredients all year round - you'll never look back!

3 Grow Your Own - Eat Your Own - Bob Flowerdew's Guide to Making the Most of Your Garden Produce All Year Round
Bob Flowerdew
Hardback, 176 pages, 235 x 275mm, UK, 2008. $60

>From the cover -

In an ideal world you could live off your garden produce all year round. With Bob's knowledge and expertise this becomes a reality. Often crops arrive in gluts or are disappointingly small and Bob offers all sorts of advice and options as to how best to eat, store and preserve the nutritious goods you have.

He discusses how to extend your harvests too, so that you can enjoy what you've grown, fresh, for longer periods, and offers advice on which early and late crops are the best, what to grow for processing and preserving, and how to harvest. With ideas on how to squeeze, freeze, dry and fry as well as every possible way of using your produce inventively, you will be looking forward to your glut of plums to make plum sorbet or your windfall of apples to make your own home-made cider.

Bob includes his own favourite recipes for classics such as raspberry jam and potato dauphinoise as well as more adventurous recipes including home-made sun-dried tomatoes, gooseberry and strawberry liqueur (also a love potion!) and how best to eat your nasturtium seeds. With an invaluable reference of all the fruits and vegetables, this is a wonderful, no-nonsense guide on how to get the best out of your harvest.

4 Herb and Vegetable Gardening - The Definitive Guide to Growing and Harvesting Herbs and Vegetables
Murdoch Books
Paperback, 376 pages, 210 x 245mm, UK & Australia, 2008. $50

>From the cover -
There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own herbs and vegetables - planting the seed, tending the plants carefully, watching them thrive, and finally being rewarded with a bumper harvest. Whether you have just a few pots or a large garden, “Herb & Vegetable Gardening” provides information on growing, harvesting and using your favourite edibles.

Imagine swathes of purple lavender that you can pick and dry for your own fragrant herb pillow; tasty basil that you can snip from the plant to pop into a glorious pesto; ripe and luscious tomatoes, with a deep, rich taste that you never thought possible; or crisp, crunchy lettuce for a refreshing salad on a summer's day. “Herb & Vegetable Gardening” tells you everything you need to know to make this a reality in your own backyard.

Contributions by Steven Bradley, Val Bradley, Geoffrey Burnie, John Fenton- Smith, Denise Greig, Lulu Grimes, Alison Hanes, Meredith Kirton, Dr Judyth McLeod, Roger Mann, Kim Rowney


5 Hydroponic Tomato Crop Production
Dr Lynette Morgan
Paperback, 247 pages, 200 x 260mm, NZ, 2008. $115

>From the cover -

The tomato is the most extensively grown hydroponic greenhouse crop and also one produced by many smaller hydroponic enthusiasts. Being a fruiting plant, the tomato is complex in its physiology and responses to crop management techniques, as vegetative growth, flowering and fruit need to be continually maintained at the same time on the plant. Maximising yields from hydroponic tomato crops has long been the main objective of commercial growers, however there is growing consumer pressure to produce high quality, good flavoured fruit that store and handle well in the retail sector.

Markets for fresh tomato fruit will continue to evolve, making it essential for growers to keep up to date with new developments, research and trialing different cultivars and techniques in their own production systems. Commercial growers nowadays have a greatly improved selection of tomato types and cultivars to choose from as well as a wide range of hydroponic equipment, systems, media and new technology, which have been developed largely to supply the commercial greenhouse industry. Despite the advances in hydroponic technology and understanding of crop physiology, growing good tomato fruit is largely a skill which needs to be learnt over many seasons.

This comprehensive publication by a world renowned author and specialist in hydroponic crop production, explains in detail all the vital aspects of hydroponic tomato crop production.

“Hydroponic Tomato Crop Production” will prove a valuable guide for all growers and anyone interested in this important hydroponic crop.

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