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Greenhouses and Garden Sheds - Inspiration, Information and Step- by-step Projects
Pat Price and Nora Richter Greer
Paperback, 160 pages, 210 x 275mm, USA, 2009. $40

>From the cover -

Advice and Information for Choosing, Designing and Building a Greenhouse or Garden Shed

Few outdoor structures are as rich with romance and promise as greenhouses and garden sheds. Inspired gardeners appreciate them for their utility as well as their charm. Even homeowners who are not avid gardeners enjoy the unique ability of these structures to lend a taste of English countryside to any property.

“Greenhouses and Garden Sheds” contains hundreds of beautiful photographs featuring the finest examples of these structures. It presents clear choices and design features in a way that inspires as it educates. You'll find a wealth of information to lead you through the design and selection process. You'll also find step-by-step photos and instructions for a host of greenhouses and potting sheds, including start-to-finish construction of a lovely example of each type.

This book includes:

* History of garden sheds from the 17th century to today
* Options for greenhouse kits or custom built sheds
* Step-by-step instructions for building your own greenhouse or shed

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