TAugust 2008 Specials From Touchwood Books
Small quantities for these –

1 Design of Cities by Edmund N Bacon
The building of cities is one of man’s greatest achievements. In this classic, Edmund Bacon relates historical examples to modern principles of urban planning, demonstrating how the work of great architects and planners of the past can influence subsequent development and continued by later generations. Paperback, 336 pages, 200 x 280mm.
$50, was $99

2 Biodynamic Greenhouse Management by Heinz Grotzke
Anyone who has a greenhouse, or is contemplating having one, should consult this helpful book. It contains a great deal of practical information, gained through an individual spiritual search into the working of living nature. Paperback, 104 pages, 140 x 215mm.
$30, was $40

Publishers’ specials:

3 Great Gardens of New Zealand by Derek Fell
This book showcases thirty-six of New Zealand’s most magnificent privately owned gardens from the Far North to Stewart Island. Good history and description of each garden, plus lots of good colour photographs. Large format hardback, 224 pages, 235 x 292mm.
$30, was $60

4 Tea For the Tui by Rosemary Tully
Birds add an immeasurable element of life, movement and colour to your garden, and this delightful book of more than 35 recipes provides the ideal way of not only tempting them to pay a visit but also ensuring that they stay healthy all year round, particularly during winter. Paperback, 95 pages, 170 x 170mm.
$17, was $20

5 Companion Planting in New Zealand by Brenda Little
In this age of increasing hostility towards chemical control of the food we eat, this book is the ideal guide to working with nature. Every tip in this book has worked for somebody - why it worked may be a mystery, but the result of a healthy crop is the greatest reward for a gardener. Paperback, 95 pages, 227 x 257mm.
$20, was $25

6 The Self-sufficiency Specialist by Alan and Gill Bridgewater
With frequent warnings about water and energy shortages, and the potential dangers of pesticides and genetically modified foods, many people nurture a dream of living a 'self-sufficient' lifestyle. With these people in mind, this comprehensive yet easy-to-read book examines what it truly takes to live off the fat of the land. Authors Alan and Gill Bridgewater, who themselves recently moved to a smallholding, answer all the fundamental questions that anyone considering a similar lifestyle shift might ask. Paperback, 80 pages, 183 x 238mm.
$17, was $20

7 The Compost Book by David and Yvonne Taylor
A reference to the secrets of compost, it discusses what can and cannot be composted, whether to encourage or discourage the living things haunting a heap. There are diagrams and drawings to illustrate the text. Paperback, 85 pages, 128 x 210mm.
$20, was $25

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