Touchwood Books New Fruit Book

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Grow Your Own Organic Fruit and Vegetables - An Easy-to-follow Directory of Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs
Christine and Michael Lavelle
Paperback, 128 pages, 230 x 300mm, UK, 2005. $25

>From the cover -

* A comprehensive guide to growing fresh, healthy and chemical-free vegetables, fruit and herbs
* Provides practical advice, with step-by-step photographs, on sowing, planting and harvesting as well as more specialized techniques such as companion planting, intercropping and successional sowing
* Contains easy-to-use directories of vegetables, fruit and herbs, with advice on cultivation, aftercare, and storage, dealing with pests and diseases, and choosing reliable varieties
* Lavishly illustrated with over 350 inspirational and practical photographs, including step-by-step sequences demonstrating techniques, and over 25 colour artworks