Touchwood Books New NZ Titles

1 The Artful Gardener - Inspirational Landscape Design Ideas
Gil Hanly and Rose Thodey
Paperback, 288 pages, 255 x 250mm, NZ, 2008. $60

>From the cover -

“The Artful Gardener” encourages gardeners to rediscover their own creative talents and enjoy experimenting with all the opportunities presented by the concept of art in the garden and the garden as art.

In this visual extravaganza, Gil Hanly's evocative photographs capture the way artful gardeners weave their magic, transforming ordinary outdoor environments into revitalising spaces, full of atmosphere and arresting beauty. Over 450 images are supported by Rose Thodey's inspiring text.

2 New Zealand Chili Handbook
Garry Sommerville
Paperback, 80 pages, 165 x 210mm, NZ, 2008. $25

>From the cover -

Take up the challenge and experience the power of the chili!

Get to know your cayennes from your jalapenos and habaneros, learn about SHUs and the secret to making the best Chili Con Carne in town. This kitchen garden handbook has all you need to know on getting started with chilies. It is packed with information on the best-known varieties and how to grow, harvest and store them, as well as advice on their beneficial health effects, and much more.

Best of all, there is a great selection of chili recipes, many of them well- known international dishes, with guidance on handling chilies when you are cooking, which type of chili is best for each dish and the heat blast to expect when you eat them!

New edition -

3 The Cultivation of New Zealand Native Grasses 2nd ed
Lawrie Metcalf
Paperback, 120 pages, 180 x 250mm, NZ, 2008, first published 1998. $35

>From the cover -

The first comprehensive guide to growing New Zealand native grasses, including:

* Cultural requirements necessary to produce and maintain healthy and attractive plants.
* Suggestions for using grasses in landscaping, including lists of grasses for different purposes and situations.
* Detailed descriptions and cultivation information for over 100 species and cultivars of native grasses.
* Beautiful line illustrations and informative photographs.

New photos and updated text in this new edition.

4 Kauri
Keith Stewart
Hardback, 192 pages, NZ, 2008. $60

>From the time before humans arrived in New Zealand, to pre-European Maori society, to its use as a source of timber for building waka, ships and churches, to the profitable gum trade - kauri has an intriguing history that has been largely untold. Keith Stewart is fascinated by kauri and is passionate about telling its story. He felt compelled to write this comprehensive book, covering the complete botanical, cultural and commercial history of kauri in New Zealand. As one of largest trees in the world, kauri is a natural wonder and a New Zealand icon.

“Kauri” delves into aspects of the tree that are often skimmed over: its spiritual role in Maori society; its commercial role in the timber trade and the cost of that trade on kauri forests; its use as a strong, pliable timber for craft and furniture making. Stewart also provides intriguing facts on kauri trees of particular importance, e.g. Tane Mahuta in Northland's Waipoua forest. At 51 metres (169 feet) in height with a circumference of 13.8 metres (45 feet) it is New Zealand's largest living kauri. There is no proof of the tree's age, but it is estimated to be between 1250 and 2500 years old.

5 Rare Wildlife of New Zealand
Rod Morris and Alison Ballance
Paperback, 224 pages, NZ, 2008. $50

This companion volume to “Beautiful Birds of New Zealand” contains 100 New Zealand endangered species of all kinds - plants, birds, insects, fungi, mammals. Organised by habitat - forests, gardens, islands, wetlands, high country, and sea and shore, this is an important snapshot of the critical state of the wildlife in New Zealand. Beautifully photographed with accessible and informative text, this is a stunning book to have. At the same time, there are many surprises in it - among our most endangered species are kiwi, tuatara, flax, grasshoppers, hebes, crabs, dolphins and many other New Zealand icons.

6 New Zealand Through Time - An Illustrated Journey Through 83 Million Years of Natural History
Ronald Cometti
Paperback, 96 pages, 210 x 280mm, NZ, 2008. $30

>From the cover -

What would it be like to step back in time and observe wild New Zealand two centuries ago - or up to 80 million years ago?

>From horsetails to kauri, from dinosaurs to giant sharks, from moa and huia to other unique native birds, New Zealand has been the home of an extraordinary range of plants and animals, many of which are now lost to us. In “New Zealand Through Time” artist Ronald Cometti portrays the wildlife of seas, shores, forests and mountains, and explores the changing shape of the land itself - drowned, uplifted, shaken by eruptions and earthquakes - during the millions of years of its existence.

Fascinating essays, brought to life by dozens of illustrations, create a gallery that will absorb and enthral anyone who is curious to learn about New Zealand's past.

Ronald Cometti began his career as a graphic artist and illustrator in the advertising industry. With a lifelong passion for New Zealand wildlife and natural history, he has authored and illustrated several books on the topic, including New Zealand's Forest Treasures and New Zealand Land of Trees.

For more than 20 years Ronald has conducted natural history tours around New Zealand, Australia and the subantarctic islands, and has been a guest lecturer on cruise ships. His wildlife paintings and wallcharts have been reproduced in magazines, including New Zealand Geographic and Forest & Bird, and his original work has been bought for many private collections in New Zealand and overseas. Ronald Cometti lives in Orewa, north of Auckland.

7 Your Last Fencepost - Retirement Planning for New Zealand Farmers
Joan Baker
Paperback, 150 pages, NZ, 2008. $30

The average age of a New Zealand farmer is fifty-eight. Most of these hard- working men and women of the land are ready to ease back from farming but don't have a well-planned exit strategy in place. “Your Last Fencepost” vigorously tackles the challenging questions facing all farmers today, regardless of age, and gives robust suggestions for planning and controlling the transition:

* Will the farm be sold?
* Who will inherit the farm?
* How will you treat all your children fairly and equitably?
* How will you prepare the family and safeguard the farm's future?
* How will you transfer ownership of the farm?
* How will you protect the farm if your successor's relationship fails?
* How will you manage your income and invest your funds?
* Where will you live and what will you do?

All these questions and many more are clearly answered in this straightforward financial planning guide - essential reading for all New Zealand farmers who are seeking future security and fulfilment.

8 Ken Ring's 2009 Predict Weather Almanac and Isobaric Maps For New Zealand
Essential Weather Predictions For Fishermen, Farmers, Surfers, Skiers, Gardeners and All Kiwis
Ken Ring
Spiral-bound, 150 x 210mm, NZ, 2008. $45


This eleventh edition of “Ken Ring's Predict Weather Almanac” allows you to accurately calculate the weather for any day in the year ahead. By examining lunar orbits and seasonal cycles, and analysing weather trends using state-of-the-art meteorological technology, this invaluable, best-selling outdoor companion provides easy-to-use weather forecasting for the whole country. The almanac includes:

* Rain, sun, wind and snow predictions by month and by day
* Daily weather maps
* Short forecasts for every major centre
* Regional rainfall expectations
* Extreme weather warnings
* Expected temperatures, sunshine and rainfall for over fifty locations
* Detailed analysis of weather trends
* Fishing, gardening, surf and snow guides for each day of the year
* Sun and cloud trend summary tables

Ken Ring's weather predictions are featured regularly on radio and in magazines and newspapers, in both New Zealand and Australia.