1 Living With Natives - New Zealanders Talk About Their Love of Native Plants
Edited by Ian Spellerberg and Michele Frey
Photography by John Maillard
Paperback, 222 pages, 240 x 210mm, NZ, 2008. $40

>From the cover -

Politicians, artists, academics, farmers, business people - growing numbers of New Zealanders are committed to a passionate love affair with native plants.

Whether it be in a private garden, a corporate planting, an eco-restoration area, a community or neighbourhood scheme, there is something about planting with New Zealand natives that evokes beauty, tranquillity, and the satisfaction of restoring an aspect of our environment to the way it used to be.

This collection of 44 personal narratives is sumptuously illustrated by photographs by John Maillard, who travelled from Invercargill to Auckland to bring to life the contributors' garden stories.

These informative and often moving stories are as individual as their authors, but each records a gardener's successes (and failures), and offers sound advice based on experience.

Diana Adams
Barry Brickell
Helen Chambers
Peri Drysdale
Rob Fenwick
Jeanette Fitzsimons
Michele Frey
Simon Goodenough
Adrienne Grant
Michael Greenwood
Bob Harvey
Diana, Lady Isaac
Kiri Johson
Kimbolton School
Michael Kingsbury
Kitchener Park Project
Leicester Kyle
Adi Leng
Godfrey Mackersey
Tim Martin
Tom and Jen McElrea
Caroline Murdoch
Sheila Natusch
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Craig Pauling
Mike Peters
Ngaire Phillips
Pit Park People
Dorothy Postles
Ken Pratt
Jorge Santos
Alwyn Seeley
Tim Shadbolt
Mathew Sinclair
Ian Spellerberg
Heather Tanguay
Haddon Taylor
Chris Thomasen
Sally Tripp
Elizabeth Walker
Tim Whittaker
Hugh Wilson
Ryan Young

2 Growing Organic - Green Tips For New Zealand Gardeners
Nick Hamilton with Philippa Jamieson
Paperback, 159 pages, 165 x 240mm, NZ, 2008. $30

>From the cover -

A handy New Zealand guide to gardening and vegetable growing the organic way, from preparing the soil to harvesting your crops.

Easy-to-follow information on selecting tools, getting started, sowing from seed, propagating, watering, crop protection and much more.

Applicable to the full range of climates from Northland to the far south.

Essential gardening techniques are explained and illustrated with clear diagrams, helping you get the most from your productive garden.

Includes practical projects, from building a compost bin and potting bench to making your own cold frames.

3 New Zealand Kiwifruit Cookbook 4th ed
Jan Bilton
Paperback, 72 pages, 145 x 210mm, NZ, 2007, first published 1981. $12

>From the cover -

The kiwifruit has been called the fruit phenomenon - a delicacy enjoyed around the world. Its unique zesty flavour complements a wealth of cuisines ranging from Asian, Mexican and American through to Mediterranean and Pacific. And not only does it taste good, it's full of goodness.

In this fourth edition of the best selling “New Zealand Kiwifruit Cookbook”, author Jan Bilton provides easy, innovative ZESPRI™ GOLD and ZESPRI™ GREEN Kiwifruit recipes.

4 Jan Bilton's Tamarillo Cook Book
Paperback, 63 pages, 145 x 210mm, NZ, 1986. $15

>From the cover -

The taste of tamarillos can add something special to almost any dish. “Jan Bilton's Tamarillo Cook Book” clearly establishes the tamarillo as one of the most versatile fruits available. New ideas for starters, drinks, salads, soups, main courses, desserts and preserves. With this book you will find tamarillos the most useful fruit to have in the house and the secret ingredient of family favourites or dinner party delights.

5 Find That Rose in New Zealand 2008
Dawn Eagle
Booklet, 49 pages, 145 x 210mm, NZ, 2008. $10

>From the editor -

Welcome to the 2008 and final edition of “Find That Rose in New Zealand”. This book has been a labour of love for me for many years, but the time has come to stop, although I have enjoyed doing it.

Once again there are some rose nurseries which have gone out of business and so are not included. I sometimes wonder just where it will all end - will there come a time in New Zealand where there will be only two or three nurseries growing roses?

I would like to thank all the nurseries who have allowed their catalogues and lists to be used in the compiling of this book. Without you, this book would not have been done. I hope the inclusion in “Find That Rose in New Zealand” has been profitable for you - that garden centres and rosarians nationwide have discovered the wonderful roses you grow.

If in the future it seems that there is a demand for “Find That Rose in New Zealand” I will think of doing it again. Dawn Eagle