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Yates Product of the Month
March 2008

Thrive Soluble All Purpose Plant Food

Yates Sulphate of Potash


Yates Product of the Month for March 2008 is Thrive Soluble All Purpose Plant Food, the fast-acting
complete fertiliser that's suitable for feeding a wide range of ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees, as
well as vegies, herbs and lawns.

Thrive's a blended powder that dissolves almost instantly when added to water. The resulting liquid is
a rich soup of plant nutrients that's easily watered over the plant. Some of the liquid moves into the soil
and enters the root system (the traditional entry route), but the nutrients also short-cut their way into the
leaves, thereby speeding up the result.

But the main reason Thrive Soluble works so quickly is because it doesn't have to waste time
dissolving. For example, it takes time for dry fertilisers to convert into liquid form and then move down
into the soil before their nutrients can be taken up by the plant. By contrast, Thrive Soluble travels
rapidly into the roots and even more quickly into the leaves. The result? New growth within days.

Thrive has a nitrogen: phosphorus: potassium ratio of 27:5.5:9. This strong level of nitrogen, the major
nutrient most responsible for leaf growth, is why Thrive makes such an effective fertiliser for fast-
growing young plants and for leafy vegetables and lawns.

Thrive's flexible, too, because its mixing rate can be adjusted to suit different plant types. For example,
half-strength application is recommended for young seedlings and tender plants such as ferns and
African violets.

Thrive Soluble All Purpose is available in 500g and 1kg pack sizes.