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Chamomile Calm
Hedges and Edges
By Lynn Kirkland
December 15th


By Lynn Kirkland


Chamomile Calm
By Lynn Kirkland for 15th December

Ten sleeps to Christmas and for those with children excitement and anticipation will be building. In some cases nerves may be getting a little stretched.
Chamomile is the herb that can help bring a sense of calm and peace into the household.
There are two types of chamomile which you can grow in the garden.
One is German Chamomile which is an annual which flowers prolifically in the summer.
The flowers can be picked and dried to use for a calming and sedative tea.
This is the chamomile Peter rabbit’s Mum used as a calming tea after his near death experience in Farmer McGregor’s garden.
Chamomile tea can relax anyone from fretful babies to anxious adults.
The other type of chamomile is a perennial ground cover called Roman Chamomile.
It grows close to the ground and forms a dense cushion to sit on or walk over. This is the beautiful green mat that our elf is lying on while he relaxes and writes his Christmas wish list.
Roman Chamomile has a lovely aroma which is released when you press on it.
Children usually say it smells like chewing gum and Juicy Fruit is usually how they describe it. Herb books usually describe the fragrance as apple scented. It definitely makes you feel calm when you inhale the aroma.
If your children want to make their own gifts this year they may like to make “Stress Free Pots” for family and friends. It is as easy as one, two, and three.
Step One: Buy a Roman Chamomile herb plant and a small pot.
Step Two: Pot up your chamomile.
Step Three: Write a sign saying: “PAT, INHALE AND RELAX”
What could be simpler and a hand made gift is always well received.

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