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Herb of the week for 17th January
By Lynn Kirkland

New Zealand Tea Tree Manuka


By Lynn Kirkland


Herb of the Week for 17th January

We can feel summer now with the humidity and higher temperatures. In the gardens we can see the summer blooming occurring with the purple hues of the lavenders contrasting beautifully with the old fashioned roses.
Here at the herb farm a signal that summer has definitely arrived is the blooming of our Australian teatrees.
The gorgeous pure white bottle brush flowers are a lovely contrast against the blue skies. I grew these trees from seed and always get a buzz from seeing them blooming away high above me. These tea trees are the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia and are grown to produce the marvelous essential oil of tea tree. This oil has so many uses.
The New Zealand oil produced from native manuka has the same anti-fungal, anti bacterial and antiseptic uses as the Australian oil and because it is produced from the trees we call tea tree in New Zealand it can get confusing.
Tea tree oil is like a medicine chest in a bottle and can be use for colds, coughs, cuts, bites, pimples and many more first aid needs.
It also has insect repellant properties and can be used in shampoos to counteract the head lice problem. Itís also excellent for using on animals that have been fighting and ended up with abscesses. Cat wounds are particularly prone to becoming infected and tea tree oil is excellent on these.
It is also the best anti-fungal treatment there is and can be used as a treatment when athleteís foot makes an appearance.
Another of natureís wonderful treatment giving us healing from out gardens.


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