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Herb of the Week for 16 March
Garden of Tranquillity
By Lynn Kirkland


By Lynn Kirkland


Herb of the Week for 16th March

A Message from the Garden of Tranquillity
By Lynn Kirkland

Today is the last day of Schizophrenia Awareness Week and a good time to reflect on the healing within a garden.
Last week was the first anniversary of the opening of the Garden of Tranquillity at the Palmerston North Hospital. It was blessed and opened at the beginning of Schizophrenia Awareness Week last year.
This garden has come about because of a tragedy and one woman’s transformation of immense sorrow and pain, into love and inspiration and a vision of a garden as a sanctuary for those in need.
Barbara Johnson’s son Greg was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and it was while Greg was undergoing treatment at the hospital that Barbara wished there was a place of peace and healing for the clients to use instead of a patch of gravel with weeds struggling through.
Greg struggled with his illness and his life on this earth ended when he climbed the three stories to the roof of the hospital construction site and fell to the ground below.
During the grieving process Barbara spent a lot of time in her own garden and three months after Greg’s passing a clear thought came to Barbara as she spent healing time in her winter garden.
A vision of Garden of Tranquillity where Mental Health service users could find a place of refuge from the symptoms of this illness and others could find some peace and and healing.
Barbara’s vision took six years to come to fruition.
Now there is a beautiful garden in the courtyard of the area of the hospital where those with mental illness are treated.
The Garden of Tranquillity was designed as a healing garden for mind, body and spirit.
There are the elements of water, places to sit and a beautiful mural and poem which was written by Greg.
The plants were chosen for their colour, fragrance, texture or meaning.
There is an olive for peace and thymes for courage and of course roses for love.
Barbara was delighted to find an addition to the garden a few weeks ago.
A lovely painted rock with a poem and an inscription “To Mum” on the back.
Obviously a tribute to someone special and a lovely sign that the garden is being used.
The poem reads like this-

I would rather have one little rose from the garden of a friend,
than to have the choicest flowers, when my stay on earth must end.
I would rather have one pleasant word in kindness said to me,
Than flattery when my heart is still and life has ceased to be.
I would rather have a loving smile from friends I know are true, than tears shed round my casket when this world I bid adieu.
Bring me all your flowers today whether pink or white or red.
I’d rather have one blossom now than a basketful when I am dead.”

Barbara spoke at the Horticultural Therapy Conference in Australia last year and has just been keynote speaker at an International Women’s Conference again in Australia sharing her story of the garden.
You can hear her story here in our town as Barbara is guest speaker at the next Manawatu National Speakers Association Meeting on April 3rd. If you would like to hear this inspiring and heartwarming story first hand please book a seat by ringing Brenda on
0800 147003.

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